One Ring to rule them all…

…one Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Brand new report on the state of Unified Endpoint Management solutions was released by Gartner last week. I thought it is a good moment to brag a little as VMware was named an absolute leader (for the 8th consecutive year!) but also to explain a little bit the history and evolution of Gartner Magic Quadtants in this area and corresponding innovation in VMware technology. There is a lot of confusion around all the abbreviations and product names. Hope this short note will help you get it right!

It was 2011 when Gartner released their first Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Solutions (MDM) comparing 23 vendors on this emerging technology space.

Just 3 years later they decided to rename the category due to the rapid change in the way customers started to use those tools – not only for device management (MDM) but also for BYOD, telecom expense (TEM), email (MEM), applications (MAM), security (MSM) and content (MCM) with collaboration capabilities for the users, all backed up with network and identity access/control capabilities. This is how Enterprise Mobility Management category emerged.

2018 brings another change and new category name as the last years shown that customers adopt EMM solutions to manage not only mobile devices but also PCs (Windows 10, MacBooks, Chromebooks) and things (IoT). Intelligence and analytics across this whole device and app ecosystem became also very important. This brought us to Unified Endpoint Management concept that provides single pane of glass to manage it all…

This is important to note here, that UEM solutions are the foundation and necessity for Digital Workspace. Together with Identity and Access Management solutions, Desktop and App Virtualization and powerful intelligence they form a new model that customers embrace to allow secure and flexible access from any device to any application. I bet “Digital Workspace” will become a new category in Gartner reports soon, combining all those components together.

Many customers and partners ask me what happened to our colorful Airwatch GOBY suites and how we market our solution now? They were discontinued, with all the functions (and much more) being transferred into Workspace ONE. Also, the Airwatch Console was renamed and transformed into Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management. You can learn more about new Workspace ONE editions and their respective functionalities right here:

Have a great week!

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