USB Network Adapters with ESXi

vSphere Hypervisor supports on-board network adapters and those added with PCI/PCIe expansion slots only. There is no support for network adapters connected with USB which might be problematic in some test/dev/home lab use cases.

Recently a Fling was released that adds drivers to the ESXi for three most popular network adapters on usb:

  • ASIX USB 2.0 gigabit network ASIX88178a,
  • ASIX USB 3.0 gigabit network ASIX88179
  • Realtek USB 3.0 gigabit network RTL8153

Looks like our office lab is going to get an upgrade soon šŸ™‚

You can download the drivers from here:

Please remember that Flings come under Technical Preview License with limited support and not recommended for production environments.

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