MiniKB: Airwatch Cloud Connector not auto-updating since 19.10

When was the last time you checked your ACC version? It might happen that you’re still running version 19.10.0 and you might see entries similiar to this one in the logs


Error AirWatch.CloudConnector.CloudConnectorService.UpdateIsRequired 
This version is out-of-date. AirWatch Cloud Connector is out-of-date with the latest installer; 
THIS CONFIGURATION IS UNSUPPORTED! Installed Version:; Current Version: 
An update is required, but the Console reported an error; you must update ACC manually. .NET Framework version is insufficient; this ACC update requires .NET 4.8 
Please obtain a new installer through the AirWatch Web Console and upgrade as soon as possible.
Method: AirWatch.CloudConnector.CloudConnectorService.UpdateIsRequired

You might also experience slow console response times, missing users and groups and other unexpected behaviour.

Solution is quite self explanatory: install .NET Framework 4.8 on you ACC Windows Server system and the auto-update feature should start working again.

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